Why FunMathSheets?

Practice makes perfect! This is true in all avenues of life including when trying to master a math skill. Step up your worksheet toolbelt with our MathFunSheets. CGRmath.com provides MathFunSheets that have students practice a specific skill and have fun while doing so by completing a surprise picture puzzle. These worksheets are entertaining so they keep your students engaged. Many of the worksheets are differentiated to help with diverse learners. Click here to try a MathFunSheet for free.

Why Math Videos?

As you may already know, keeping the attention of students in a math class can be challenging. We are competing with the instant feedback of video games and social media. Incorporating videos into your lesson will instantly raise your engagement points. Math videos can help make abstract concepts concrete. The videos found on CGRmath.com are made with RSP, ELD, and struggling math students in mind. Sounds and colors help emphasize the main ideas and minimal graphics are used to help students focus on the concept. They are under three minutes long so they can be viewed several times during one lesson. Click here to read more on how to use videos effectively during a math lesson.

Why Math Coaching?

Take some time to reflect and answer some of these questions.
Do you feel that you can improve your classroom management but can’t quite put your finger on where to start? Are you spending hours creating the perfect lesson but your students are still struggling to show mastery in their assessments? Are you having a difficult time checking for understanding throughout your lesson or maybe you are checking for understanding but you don’t know what to do with the data? Maybe your classroom is filled with a student with students that have a vast array of needs and you’re not sure how to meet all of their needs. Do you need fresh ideas on how to teach a particular skill so that it won’t just be fun and engaging but also a skill that the student can carry to the next level? Having a teaching coach can vastly enhance the skills you already have and take him to the next level.